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Sociology Foundation Course 2020

  • Course Duration6 Months
  • Target YearUPSC CSE 2020
  • Course FeeRs. 55000


IN COMPARISON TO OTHER HUMANITIES SUBJECTS like Geography, Public Administration, Political Science etc., SOCIOLOGY has been SAFE & SECURE optional because of SHORTEST SYLLABUS & LIMITED NUMBER OF THINKERS & THEORIES (Only six thinkers & six major theoretical strands). Subject like Geography, Public Administration, Political Science etc. are specialist in nature with big syllabic content. History, Geography, Political Science, Pub. Admin. etc. HELPS in a particular paper of GENERAL STUDIES. For example History helps in G.S. Paper-I, Political Science and Pub. Admin. helps in Paper-II, Economics helps in Paper-III, Philosophy and Psychology helps in Paper-IV. SOCIOLOGY is the only optional which empowers you for all the Papers of G.S. with small but variable syllabic content and understanding of static and dynamic & concepts and facts. Also Topics in Sociology Syllabus is Relevant to Day Today Life. For Example Family, Marriage, Kinship, Religion, Education, Agriculture etc. Sociology is the Best performing optional, also because of higher Predictability In Question Pattern. Seventy percent of the questions repeated from previous year questions. Relatively Short Syllabus, Predictability in Question Pattern, Makes SOCIOLOGY the most suitable subject for Students with science (Engineering and Medicine) and Commerce Background. Every Year there are atleast two to three ESSAYS are related with Sociology Syllabus. Sociology Empowers aspirants for Interview too.